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Now’s the time to save big on Mobility, Internet, Optik TV, SmartHome Security and more. Double your data with 30GB for $80 with Peace of Mindᵀᴹ.

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Save up to $855 on iPhone with Bring-it-Back™️.

Maximum savings apply to iPhone 12. Select Bring-It-Back and TELUS Easy Payment® for the best savings on brand-new smartphones.

Save up to $1,530 on Samsung devices with Bring-It-Back™️.

Choose Bring-It-Back to save big on a brand-new Samsung. Plus, when you return your device at the end of your term, you help TELUS provide refurbished phones through our Mobility for Good® program.

Get $200 bill credit on any professionally monitored plan.

Get 24/7 monitoring, your choice of smart devices and sensors for a fully integrated system of smart home security. Plus, bundle with your TELUS mobility plan and get $10 off your monthly plan.

Limited time offer

Get 30GB of data for as low as $65 per person monthly with four lines on your account.

With TELUS Family Discount, families of four save a total of $60 per month. Combine this with Peace of Mindᵀᴹ and save on our lowest priced unlimited data plan.